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The Spirit of the Downs
Rock Pond - Standean
Folk Memory
Dew Ponds - Martin
Some Observations
Further Experiments
Investigation Results
Dew-Ponds (1907)

Some of the writings

Pugsley, Alfred John 
Dewponds in Fable and Fact, A Collection and Criticism of Exciting Knowledge on these Curiosities
Publisher/Date Country Life, 1939

THE main work on Dewponds: -
Martin, Edward Alfred

Dew-Ponds: History, Observation and Experiment
Publisher/Date T. Werner Laurie, (1915)

Martin, Edward Alfred
Dew-Ponds: Miscellaneous Articles
Publisher/Date (Several Publishers), 1907
Dew Ponds - Martin - School Nature Study Union
Dew-Ponds; 1907
Some Observations of Dew-Ponds;
Further Experiments on Dew-Ponds
Results of Dew-Pond Investigations (1910)

Arthur Becket
The Spirit of the Downs
Publisher/Date Methuen, 1909 to 8th edition 1949
Chapter on Dewponds Chp. XIX, p. 194-203

A. Hadrian Allcroft
Earthwork of England
Publisher/Date Macmillan, 1908
Chapter on Dewponds  Chp. VIII, p. 265-286

A. Hadrian Allcroft
Downland Pathways
Publisher/Date Methuen, 1924
Various references, useful section 225-9

Walter Johnson
Folk Memory - or the Continuity of British Archaeology
Publisher/Date Clarendon Press Oxford, 1908
Chapter on Dewponds, Chp XIV p. 295-318

Barclay Wills'
The Downland Shepherds
Publisher/Date Alan Sutton, 1989
Chapter on Dewponds  p. 121-124
Colour plate of a painting of 'Dewpond by Chanctonbury Ring'

Sussex County Magazine 1927-1956
Various articles and letters

Book Threads

Many books have passing references to dew ponds, often regurgitating the myths.
Here we are looking for more details

1. One book springs to mind with regards to dew ponds; a biographical work called 'A Song For Every Season' by Bob Copper (Heinemann 1971.)
In it he details how the ponds were maintained at the turn of the 19thC. The Author is still alive and living in Peacehaven. Good hunting
Jim Ball      4/8/2001 - NB Bob Copper died in 2004, but his music lives on through his family.

2. I have had a copy of the Hubbards; Neolithic Dew-Ponds and Cattle-Ways for some years, it has been totally debunked by later writers.
But it is a valid part of the literature for all that. - with an explanatory note as to the total lack of scientific basis for the theories propounded.
(example of how not to do a scientific experiment?)

3. Bricks and Water 2000 - has a piece on the construction of a new one on Patching Hill.

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